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Photography TIPS

IMPORTANT: Before you photograph your team take a few minutes to view our “How to Video”

This video will provide basic tips that will answer many of your questions and get you prepared to photograph the team. Again,  no need to be a professional we will walk you through the easy set up. Still have addition questions contact us anytime.

View Video Here

We hope the Video was useful. Here are just a few reminders before you take your team photos.

1   HAVE PLAYERS STAND ON HARD FACE!  Avoid standing in the grass or tall weeds please. 

2  PHOTOGRAPH PLAYERS IN SMALL GROUPS OF 4 – 6  AT A TIME.  Please avoid taking individual images of each player! This can delay our processing and graphic revision time. Also, It ‘s faster and more enjoyable for the players to be photographed in groups.

* Here is a Sample of Team split up into 2 groups. These were shot outside the ice rink in 15 minutes. You can truly take these photos anywhere! Be creative and have fun with the poses.


3 PHOTOGRAPH GROUPS FROM SAME DISTANCE.  Make sure you are shooting each group from the same distance each time. This helps help keep player heights proportional. Place a strip of tape on the floor to help set distance. (8 feet is good start)

*Flash:If you have a built in flash use it! Especially important for the indoor or low lit areas. I little flash will make a difference.